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Electrostatic paste material and use

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Electrostatic paste material is PVC static film, is a non-coated film, by the product itself to the adhesion of electrostatic adsorption to protect the role of the items, eliminating the cleaning, environmental protection and durable, beautiful, waterproof, temperature, reusable.

Electrostatic stickers for non-adhesive labels, relying on static electricity to paste in the smooth surface, mainly attached to electrical and mechanical and electrical products, how to use it? Electrostatic paste itself at the end of paper, the first electrostatic foil from the end of the paper peeled off, affixed to the product above, flat attached to the veneer, and then gently smoothed with the back of the hand can be, in order to ensure that static paste can be affixed to a solid, Do not always peel down.

Electrostatic use electrostatic adsorption principle in the smooth surface, a high degree of environmental protection, direct contact with the kind.