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Overview of flowerpot handbag

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According to the size of the package, the bag size is made up of length × width × height, the printed rope can be nylon rope, cotton rope or paper rope, need special attention to its load-bearing capacity, Knees inside the buttonhole should be strong and strong, to ensure that will not fall off from the buttonhole. Also should be lining a liner 250g above the cardboard, so that the bottom force can be uniform bag, a substantial increase in the carrying capacity of the bag.

Pots hand bag to facilitate the pick and place items, is conducive to show the visual effects, warm reminder rope and the distance between the buttonhole can not be too small, should be 14cm or so to ensure that when carrying the center of gravity balance.

Pouches to use color bag principle, effectively improve the recognition, description and competitiveness of the production of materials are paper, plastic, non-woven fabrics, etc., the advantage is the use of environmentally friendly, low-cost and diverse styles.